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Many are curious about Greenely, which has led to longer waiting times at support. We have collected answers to all possible questions here

Our vision is to create the best customer experience for the modern energy consumer!

In 2017, the Greenely mobile app launched, quickly growing to become Sweden's largest energy community. The app, which can be used entirely free of charge, helps households easily understand their electricity consumption. More than 115,000 Swedish homes are connected to the free service today.

In 2018, we also launched a digital electricity contract with no markups. Since then, Greenely has become one of the fastest-growing electricity companies in Sweden. Customers themselves believe that they reduce their electricity costs by up to 20%.

The best electricity is the one that you don't use, both for your wallet and the environment.

Greenely team

How would you describe the world's best workplace? We do not know, but we are happy to tell you why we get as close to 100% in every employee survey as we can get. Our colleagues say that they find it fun to work together.

Together, we have built a team spirit filled with respect, commitment, and a generous dose of humor! Of course, it is a matter for many, but we cannot stress enough the equal value of all and their chance to be seen, heard, and give feedback.