A smart electricity


Dynamic pricing is for those who want to pay less than everyone else and make a real impact on the electricity bill.

Save money

Buy Cheap Electricity

Why pay as much as everybody else?
 Adapt your usage to the lowest daily electricity prices. Since the prices vary every hour you can always make sure that you buy your electricity for the fairest price.

Later available in the UK

Keep Track of 
Your Monthly Cost

You won't be shocked while paying the electricity bill anymore. We make sure you can track your cost day by day. That way you’ll be able to plan, not only, your household economy but also your energy usage.

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Saving Energy Made Easy

The energy industry is already complicated as it is. Our goal is to make electricity fun and simple! That’s why Greenely can adapt to your smart home.

Simplify my energy

Great stuff about our electicity contract

No markup – For real!

Estimated electricity bill

No hidden fees or surcharges

Keep track of the electricity prices

High price warnings

100% certified clean energy

Monthly and weekly reports

Daily price updates

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Only 3 mintues to switch. We’ll take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be cheaper?

Yes! For most people, the cost of electricity is reduced by 10% every month. But it is still you who has the power to influence your electricity price. Greenely gives you the chance to influence it yourself. If you do not make any adjustments at all, it usually costs as much as a variable electricity contract.

What is the difference between Greenely and a standard variable contract?

With a regular variable electricity contract, you pay the average of the hourly rates every month. Since the demand for electricity controls the prices, you price change because your neighbours turn on the spa, sauna and leave the freezer. With dynamic pricing, you won't have the same price as everyone else - instead, you are in charge of your power!

I have a binding time left. Can I change to Greenely?

Absolutely! We take care of everything related to your change. If you have a binding period left, you can contact support@greenely.se, and we will see how quickly we can help you switch to our electricity agreement.